Will Rogers High School
Class of 1952

Here is a list of Will Rogers Class of "52" Classmates we are still looking for.  If you have information about any of these people, please email it to us.

Any help will be appreciated, just email it to us at:Class of 52.

This page was updated on February 22nd, 2016

..Mary Ellen Baker
..Betty Bishop Moncrief
..Mary Blake
..Pat Brant Dooley
..Leonard Karl Buchanan
..Phil Leroy Buker
..Carlene Busby
..Edwin Camp
..Ermal Joan Carson
..Jack Carter
..Alyce Sue Conley
..Cynthia Coyl
..Shirley Dickens
..Joyce Dalton
..Bonnie Danel
..Richard Davis
..Francis Edwina Day
..Lois Dugan Kincaid
..Margaret Emmert
..Joan Hancock Farrar
..William Gene Ferguson
..Shirley Ann Fryar
..Inez Griffin
..Jerry Griggs
..James William Hales
..Wilma Jean Hall
..Joan Shaw Haney
..JoAnn Harris
..Nancy Jane Harp
..Curtis Dwayne Hippenstell
..Michael Howe
..Patrica J. Humphrey
..Betty Louise Johnson
..Jimmie D. Kaemmerling
..Don Kane
..Elizabeth Kiper Brett
..Virginia Lackey McGill
..Homer Dale Lawson
..Beverly Owens Littlefield
..Peggy McCormick
..Catherine McMillan
..Marilyn Helen Malet
..Gary Moore
..Laura Moore Richardson
..Ima Lee Neal
..Jim Ogden
..Mary Frances Ohmart
..E. Victor Padgett Jr.
..Jim Perry
..Jerry Peterson
..Mary Phelps
..Ralph L. Powell
..Nancy Orelup Powers
= ..Dorothy F. Reynolds
..Bill Rowe
..Clayton Saul
..Joann E. Schrodeck
..Cleta Brasel Simone
..Beverly Ann Smith
..Dorothy Snider
..Silvia Dell Straight
..Peggy Sue Stubbelfield Kliewer
..Gerald Ward Thomas
..Paula Sue Van Ardsdale
..Peter Cary Vandaveer
..Raymond Van Noy
..Gary Joe Wagner
..Bert Faye Walker
..Janette Willey
..Ann Wright Graham

Please help us make this list shorter.

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